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Birth of an idea

Painted Phone Case was founded by our owner: a smartphone geek and an art lover. She was looking for an solid cover with an nice picture on it for her phone. something which could combine elegance, beauty and solidity.

After a long search, she found that there were more or less always the same kind of design. Passionate about art, she decided to buy a couple of famous paintings. After receiving the orders, it appeared that the products were not as good as expected in terms of quality or solidity. The excitement left quickly place to a disappointment.

Birth of the business

Dissatisfied with the shopping options available, especially for her phone brand, she decided to have her own phone case with the help of the POD ( print on demand )technology. So tired of browsing on numerous websites and not find a phone case with her favourite paintings on it, she found a company to print her a couple of phone cases with impressionist paintings from Monet, Gauguin and Renoir.

As the type of paintings chosen were not so usual, everybody was asking her where she bought her phone cases. Even on the street, people stopped her to ask for that!

Amazed by so much queries, she decided to share to more people her original designs. She teamed up with a well known and respected phone case printing company in the UK to offer famous paintings, with good quality design and material at an affordable cost all of these with a short delivery time.

A dream place to find your phone case

She built a online boutique to share exclusive phone cases with people passionate of paintings but more of that, lovers or fine art. We wanted this website to a “boutique” On Painted Phone Case, you will find the most famous paintings to sublime  your phone. A place which could show our passion for paintings and smartphone all together.

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine art or an art lover. You will find the most famous painting on our website.

This is more than just your typical phone case, show off your artistic side today while you protect your phone.

Put a piece  of art in your phone and order today a painted phone case!

The customer is always on our mind

Our boutique is made with exclusive, niche painting designed phone cases. It has been built with our customers on mind.

Our customer is a minded person with a love for fine arts and especially paintings. He / She likes to customize and takes great care of his / her high end smartphone. Our customer are singular and always stand out of the crowd with a unique cover.

Our motto: quality and fine painting

one cases are essential to ensure the risk of damage is reduced. With PaintedPhoneCase, you protect your phones with a unique and classy design! Here you will find all you need to protect your smartphone in a stylish way.

Painted PhoneCase has a high quality product due to our short cycled production. Whatever your platform : iphone, Blackberry or Android, your brand or model you should find the cover of your dream.

Moreover, there is no brainer as our price is unique according the model and we have a generous policy for free shipping within the UK!

This was the beginning of Painted Phone Case. The rest is history!


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